Worldfone Contact Center Pricing – WorldfoneCC

Cloud Contact Center – WorldfoneCC Pricing

Cloud Contact Center - WorldfoneCCMicroBasicStandardProAdvance
Initial cost
Installation and training1,000,0001,500,0002,000,0003,000,000Liên hệ
Monthly charges
Cloud WorldfoneCC service900,0002,140,0004,050,00010,800,000Liên hệ
WorldfoneCC Features
Q'y of Agents (Supervisors included)251030> 30
Q'ty of Supervisors1123
Channels/lines trunking24816>30
Basic features of IP-PBX WorldfonePBXvvvvv
Inbound Call Center features
Automatic call Distributor - ACDvvvvv
Interactive Voice Response - IVRvvvvv
Pop-up customer informationvvvvv
To update information for CRMvvvvv
Calls historyvvvvv
Black listvvvvv
Call Recordingvvvvv
Real time monitorvvvvv
Statistics & Reports for call-invvvvv
Outbound Call Center features
Click-to-call from CRMvvvvv
Pop-up customer informationvvvvv
To add notevvvvv
Dial listvvvvv
DNC - Do Not Callvvvvv
To add script for telesales / telemarketing campaignvvvvv
Auto call-out & transferring to queuevvvvv
To add surveyvvvvv
Auto call-out for advertising & transferring to fixed IVRvvv
Auto call-out series & transferring to IVRvvv
Call recordingvvvvv
Recording Playbackvvvvv
Real time monitorvvvvv
Statistics & Reports for call-outvvvvv
Statistics & Reports for call-out campaignvvvvv
CRM features
To Import customer data from Excel filevvvvv
To Export customer data to Excel filevvvvv
Customer & Contact information Managementvvvvv
Customer transaction historyvvvvv
Time for storing records60 days60 days60 days60 days
Activating SMS featureFree (registering service)
To support SMS Brandname servicevvvvv
To support SMS with 1900/8xxx/6xxx numbervvvvv
To send Advertising SMSvvvvv
To send Customer Service SMSvvvvv
To send private SMS to each customervvvvv
To send SMS to many customer in dial listvvvvv
To send SMS as schedulevvvvv
Statistics & Reportsvvvvv
Email Tickets Features45.000 / agent45.000 / agent45.000 / agent45.000 / agent
Auto receive mail, add ticket & transfer to queuevvvvv
Ticket assign for agentsvvvvv
To monitor activitiesvvvvv
Email samples for replyingvvvvv
Statistics & Reportsvvvvv
Live Chat features25.000 / agent25.000 / agent25.000 / agent25.000 / agent
To receive & distribute Live Chatvvvvv
To distribute Live Chat, based on Agentvvvvv
To monitor Live Chatvvvvv
Statistics & Reportsvvvvv
Extension for 30 days storing records 290,000460,000730,000 1,600,000
To add trunk line50,000 /monthly50,000 /monthly50,000 /monthly50,000 /monthly
To add Agent450,000 /monthly450,000 /monthly450,000 /monthly450,000 /monthly

*** In addition, we also supply On-premises WorldfoneCC system. Please contact us