Automated Call System / Service – Worldfone ACS

Worldfone-ACS(Automated Call System/Service), also known as Voice Broadcasting/Voice Messaging System or Service, is an innovative technique for mass communication which allows the user to send hundreds and thousands of pre-recorded voice messages instantly and simultaneously.

Automated Call System / Service, oice Broadcasting / Voice Messaging System

It is a system or service that allows the call recipient to listen to a recorded message, and interact with the system by pressing certain keys on the keypad. It also enables the call recipients to reply through touch tone keypads on their phones or get transferred to a live representative.

Worldfone-ACS dials phone calls from a targeted dialing list and enables one to conduct communication anywhere across the network, in the blink of an eye. Personalized information can also be included in the phone messages through the integration of Text-to-Speech technology.

Worldfone-ACS is an effective solution for sending alerts, making announcements or advertising as you are able to reach the masses whether they are customers, employees, subscribers, constituents, members or answering machines, thus can be applied to any industry vertical. Like email and SMS, it’s simple to setup and adds a personal touch to your communications.

Automated Call System/Service, Voice Broadcasting/Voice Messaging System or Service

Key Benefits


  • Reach more customers – ideal for telemarketing
  • Increase contact frequency – very effective for collections process
  • Savings on agent’s costs with implementation of IVR-­based broadcast
  • Announcement of new products or services
  • Sending alerts at the time of emergency