Worldfone IP PBX service – WorldfonePBX

WorldfonePBX is rental service of IP PBX system based on cloud computing technology (IP PBX as a Service). This solution can help enterprise use IP PBX system quickly and effectively, without building infrastructure of phone cable lines, operator system… Enterprises need only Internet and terminals(ex. IP Phone, Gateway) for this solution.

Cloud PBX, IP PBX rental service

Hosted IP PBX in Vietnam

WorldfonePBX  Diagram

Cloud Worldfone PBX Feature:

    • Interactive Voice Response – IVR
    • Caller ID Display
    • Follow me           
    • Transfer Call
    • Music On Hold
    • Callout PIN
    • Time Condition
    • Call Pickup
    • Blacklist
    • VIPlist
    • Ring Group
    • Forward Call
    • Automatic Call Distribution – ACD
    • Voice mail
    • Voicemail to email
    • Telephone/Voice/Audio Conference
    • Call Detail Records – CDR
    • Voice Recording
    • Recording Playback
    • Realtime monitor
    • Statistics, report
    • Billing System
    • SMS notice
    • CallBack / Happy Button
    • Upgrade integrating with CRM
    • IP PBX Management by Web.


Benefit of using Cloud WorldfonePBX service

  • Cost saving: Enterprises need only to take payment of PBX service charge, register and enjoy benefit from our service. Pay as you go.
  • High flexibility: Enterprise can use WorldfonePBX system everywhere( office, home, public). Especially, PBX system will not be interrupted when enterprise moves office.
  • High reliability: database on WorldfonePBX system is saved and secured in our data center
  • Quick implementation: our system can be implemented in 4 hours.
  • Easy expanding: South Telecom provides many services responding for enterprise with size from 1 to 500 extensions.

Pricing of Cloud IP PBX

Cloud IP PBX - WorldfonePBXMicro BasicStandardProAdvance
Monthly charges of Cloud WorldfonePBx service60,000 VND/Extension50,000 VND/Extension40,000 VND/Extension30,000 VND/ExtensionContact us
Q'ty of Extensions1-89-2425-4849-128>128
Channels/lines trunking24816
Installation and training (1-time)Free250,000500,0001,000,000Contact us


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